Welcome to WebLab (former WISE - Webbased Interactive Simulation Environment)

WebLab is the result of a semester project of the CARINTHIA TECH INSTITUTE ("Fachhochschule") located in Villach/Austria. It is moved to sourceforge for further development. Hopefully there are other interested people in joining this team to create a OS independent platform for electronic design teaching.

This leads to the SourceForge project page.

To start at all , the goal was a easy to use and inexpensive environment to teach basic electronic circuits, which is in principle available now. In future releases it may also allow production of macros, subcircuits and other nice things.

Try it!
(Please note that there is no simulation server installed on SourceForge, therefore for demo purposes the result data is predefined and the analysis type is noted on each experiment. So don't be surprised if changes in the analysis forms have no effect there!)

Here is a first (lean) version of a HTML formatted user's manual (for users/developers).

Code docs are always helpful. It is not fully finished, but most of the stuff is already commented. Naming conventions and so on may need some further work on the code (sorry for this...)

Here is a first version of a HTML formatted API documentation (JAVAdoc) for developers.

The project presentation material - of course in OpenOffice 1.0 (.sxi) format (www.openoffice.org)

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